Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear Diary, September 23, 2010. .::PLEASE STOP ANIMAL ABUSE::.

Hello diary. I'm sorry I haven't been writing you lately. 
I know this is my first one though, on this blogging site.
It was pretty cool but when I had attempted to get on here with Windows 7 internet (I think?) it wouldn't allow me to log on because of my cookies and java script. Oh well though, I downloaded Mozilla Firefox and I like it a lot. It's very fancy. (; 
But, today I got up at around 5:48AM. I changed clothes, went on the computer and played Audition (Dance Dance Revolution game, found at www.http// I enjoy it.
But I went outside for the bus at around... 6:55AM? 
Then I got to school, got back home, then finally got on the computer.
I saw this vegetarian video on you tube so I watched it, made me think a lot, and then I got kind of curious and typed up "Animal Abuse" and a lot of stuff that was so unexpected had come up.
I would describe it but it was so gruesome. I started to cry hard. 
It had cat's and dogs being slapped and killed and tossed around for fun in Japan.
That hurts me and a lot of people, as well...
Please, for the sake of the animals, STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!
Toodles Diary. <3
-Shaylynn Duvall-    

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